MADE NEW : 2023 EOI now closed

23 January 23

New Annual, City of Newcastle's flagship arts and cultural festival, is seeking expressions of interest for the 2023 festival program. Local artists and artists with a connection to Newcastle, working across interdisciplinary art forms, visual arts, dance, theatre, music, and multimedia are encouraged to apply. 

Artists are encouraged to explore the theme of 'duality' in their response as an underlying tenet of their proposed work.

The selected projects or works will be presented as part of New Annual 2023. 

If you have specific accessibility requirements, please contact Seanne Lucas on +61249741320 or email New Annual


Applications close 

5pm AEST 26 February, 2023 

Artists notified 

WC 27 March, 2023 

Marketing deadline – hero image due & final description

21 April, 2023 

Project delivery window 

22 September – 1 October, 2023 

The project should see the artist/s experimenting and pushing the boundaries of their creative practice, responding to their chosen space.

The project, activity or experience can occur at any time during the 2023 New Annual festival (22nd Sept – 1st Oct 2023). It can be a one-off event or presented more than once successively throughout the festival.

Applicants can apply for up to AUD 15,000 per project. The amount requested must include all fees, materials, production costs and additional expenses. 

New Annual welcomes applications from established artists across all art forms. We are seeking those living and creating in Newcastle and surrounding areas, or who can demonstrate a strong connection to the area. Applying artists can propose collaborations with artists from outside the local region, including interstate and international, if this is critical to the project and feasible within budget and travel conditions. 

We strongly encourage submissions from Awabakal and Worimi artists and all people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, as well as artists from culturally diverse backgrounds and artists with disability.

'Duality' is the concept of two opposing forces or elements. It can be a powerful tool for creating tension and interest in a work of art. 

The theme of 'duality' is also present in our city and the constant evolution of Newcastle.​ Newcastle is a collision of juxtapositions with art, culture and creativity interspersed with architectural heritage and industry coexisting ‘cheek by jowl’. 

Applying artists and creatives are encouraged to reference this theme in their proposal.  

A work of art that aligns with the brief of 'duality' would explore this concept in a clear and intentional way. This may include the use of imagery, symbolism, or other artistic elements that convey the idea of duality and tease out the tension. It might celebrate the coexistence of different elements, such as architectural heritage and industry, and how they shape – 'Our City Made New'. It does not necessarily mean that the artwork or project is following a set of rules or formula, but that it uses this theme as a guide or inspiration. 

Applicants need to reside in Newcastle or the surrounding areas.

  • Artistic merit  
  • Alignment to the concept of 'duality – the tension between two forces' as outlined above  
  • The work has a strong connection to place 
  • The work must take place in Newcastle  
  • The project demonstrates viability, particularly regarding budget, timeframes, and mode of delivery
  • Please consider how your proposal aligns to any or all of New Annual's strategic priorities (if relevant)


  • Develop City of Newcastle’s reputation as a world-class creative destination and drive event tourism 
  • Showcase Newcastle’s unique businesses, venues, facilities, and natural environment 
  • Acknowledge and share the history and culture of our First Nations communities 
  • Build capacity, strategic partnerships and audiences for local artists and arts organisations 
  • Provide new creative experiences to the people of the Hunter region and beyond 
  • Strive for inclusivity and accessibility in all activities 
  • Commit to sustainable events practices  

Can I apply for 'Made New' if I live outside Newcastle or the surrounding area?  
If you live outside of Newcastle or the surrounding area, you are not eligible to apply as the primary applicant for 'Made New'. However, if you are collaborating with an artist who lives in Newcastle or the surrounding area, they can be the primary applicant for your project. 

Can I work with artists outside the region? 
Applying artists can propose collaborations with artists from outside the local region, interstate and internationally, if this is critical to the project and feasible within budget and travel.

Can I apply for additional funding for my project? 
Yes you can, however you must be able to present the project within the $15,000 'Made New' budget. Additional funds can be used to amplify project outcomes, but the project cannot be reliant on any additional funds. Artists will need to advise New Annual of any additional funding. 

Please contact Adrian Burnett, 

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