MADE NEW : 2024 & 2025 Applications Closed

29 November 23
Made New Expression of Interest

New Annual, City of Newcastle's flagship arts and cultural festival, seeks expressions of interest for future festival programs. The Made New program aims to amplify local artists and celebrate the exceptional creative talent within our region through new works within the festival.

Professional local artists and artists connected to Greater Newcastle, who work across interdisciplinary art forms, visual arts, dance, theatre, music, and multimedia are encouraged to apply. The project should see the artist/s experimenting and pushing the boundaries of their creative practice, responding to their chosen space.

The selected projects or works will be presented as part of New Annual 2024 or 2025.

We understand that creative projects often require varying lead times for development. The project, activity or experience can occur at any time during the 2024 New Annual festival (27 Sept – 06 Oct, 2024) OR 2025 New Annual (26 Sept  –  05 Oct, 2025). This flexibility is designed to support those with large-scale projects that may benefit from an extended development period or require time to secure additional funding. 

Your proposed event can be a one-off event or performance, an exhibition, or presented more than once successively throughout your preferred festival period.

Successful applicants are expected to self-produce their work, however they will have access to support from the festival curator and technical producer.


Applications close 

5pm AEST 14 January, 2024 

Artists notified 

Wc 4 February, 2024 

Marketing deadline
Minimum 2 hero images + video footage due + final copy

21 April, 2024 

Project delivery window 1

Project delivery window 2

27 Sep 06 Oct, 2024

26 Sep 05 Oct, 2025

Applicants can apply for funding of up to AUD $20,000 per project. Your Expression of Interest must include a budget breakdown of all fees, materials, production costs, cast and crew fees, and additional expenses. For an example of a detailed budget breakdown, please see template here.

Successful applicants will be included in the New Annual festival program, which ensures support from the festival and City of Newcastle in the following ways:

  • Marketing: New Annual will include your event in all relevant marketing to maximise the success of your event. This involves inclusion on the website, in the printed brochure, and a dedicated digital/social advertising campaign for your event. Your event will be included in relevant festival paid advertising and organic social media content.
    You are encouraged to conduct your own marketing via your own channels.
  • Publicity: our festival publicist will pitch to relevant media on your behalf and include you in all relevant media releases and media opportunities (based on publisher alignment).
    You are encouraged to also conduct your own publicity.
  • Production: in-kind venue support, and access to technical production support where applicable and feasible. Please note New Annual does not have access to CN venues free of charge.

New Annual welcomes applications from professional artists across all art forms. We seek those living and creating in Newcastle and surrounding areas or demonstrating a genuine connection to the region. Applying artists can propose collaborations with artists from outside the local region, including interstate and international if this is critical to the project and feasible within budget and travel conditions.

We encourage applications from diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people who identify as LGBTIQ+, and people living with disabilities.

MADE NEW EOI BRIEF - ‘Harmony and Dissonance': Connecting Communities through Art.
For New Annual 2024 and 2025 our theme is 'Harmony and Dissonance: Connecting Communities through Art,'. It aims to support new work that explores the dynamic relationships between the city's diverse communities, their cultural interests, and the transformative power of art.

This theme encourages artists to submit EOIs Expressions of Interest (EOI) that go beyond representation to explore the transformative potential of art in bridging gaps and fostering unity within the City of Newcastle.

The theme 'Harmony and Dissonance' is an opportunity to reflect on the city's cultures, histories, and landscapes while addressing contemporary challenges with creative solutions. We look forward to your interpretations and contributions that will make New Annual 2024 and 2025 unique and unifying experiences for the entire community.

Please see here for additional prompts that could be considered by artists submitting an EOI. Please note these are intended to provide a jumping off point, guide or inspirations and are not intended to be prescriptive.

Applicants need to reside in Newcastle or the surrounding areas. Applications will be assessed against the below criteria:

  • Artistic merit  
  • Alignment to the concept brief
  • The work has a strong connection to place 
  • The project demonstrates viability, particularly regarding budget, timeframes, and mode of delivery
  • Please consider how your proposal aligns with any or all of New Annual's strategic priorities


  • Develop City of Newcastle’s reputation as a world-class creative destination and drive event tourism 
  • Showcase Newcastle’s unique businesses, venues, facilities, and natural environment 
  • Acknowledge and share the history and culture of our First Nations communities 
  • Build capacity, strategic partnerships and audiences for local artists and arts organisations 
  • Provide new creative experiences to the people of the Hunter region and beyond 
  • Strive for inclusivity and accessibility in all activities 
  • Commit to sustainable events practices  

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Can I apply for 'Made New' if I live outside Newcastle or the surrounding area? 
If you live outside of Newcastle or the surrounding area, you are not eligible to apply as the primary applicant for 'Made New'. However, if you are collaborating with an artist who lives in Newcastle or the surrounding area, they can be the primary applicant for your project. 

Can I work with artists outside the region?
Applying artists can propose collaborations with artists from outside the local region, interstate and internationally, if this is feasible within budget and travel.

Can I apply for additional funding for my project from other sources?
Yes you can, however you must be able to present the project within the $20,000 'Made New' budget. Additional funds can be used to amplify project outcomes, but a project for the 2024 festival cannot rely on additional funds unless they are secured at the time of submission. Artists must advise New Annual of any additional funding and any subsequent acknowledgement requirements.

Can my work be presented at both 2024 & 2025 festivals?
Successful applicants' work will be presented within ONE of the future festival programs only. All efforts will be made to present the work in your preferred season.

Please contact Adrian Burnett, 

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