Well : Whale Chorus & Curious Legends

Well by Curious Legends showing Children in a procession
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    23 September 10:00am + 11:00am + 1:00pm
    24 September 10:00am (relaxed performance) + 11:00am + 1:00pm + 2:00pm
    25 September 10:00am + 11:00am + 1:00pm + 2:00pm


  • Standard $15 children ages 6-11
There is a world inside the well 
A world of secrets yet untold
Where animals speak and toads will spell
Enter only if you’re not yet old
For time is almost running out
The special magic’s been forgot
We must hurry and find the spell
Will you journey down the well?

Well is an immersive narrative journey for young audiences aged 6-11. Theatre artists Conor Fox and Janie Gibson lead children through a world of make-believe where they are invited to become the protagonists in an unfolding fairytale. 

Children enter an imaginative world through an immersive set where they encounter puppets, characters and riddles. The story unfolds through a series of games and challenges where children are invited to become creative problem solvers and work together to progress through the narrative.

Participants can leave their mark in a cumulative artwork and see it on show with Curious Legend’s Menagerie project. This production is a first stage development presentation and we need the help of expert children to create the show. Well centres children at the heart of the theatrical action and offers them a space to play, to govern the rules of their world and practise emotional bravery and empathy through creative play. With each challenge the children must draw on a source of inner strength, be it compassion, collaboration or creativity. At the end of the theatrical journey the children emerge transformed and equipped with some new tools for living in our changing world.

Well is co-produced by Curious Legends and Whale Chorus
Lead artist, designer and performer Conor Fox
Lead artist, performer and producer Janie Gibson
Performer Stéphanie Rochet
Sound design Huw Jones
Puppet maker Rod Primrose

Duration 45minutes

Well is commissioned by the City of Newcastle’s 2022 New Annual festival and produced by Curious Legends and Whale Chorus.
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