Noise : Dancenorth

Noise by Dancenorth

"NOISE is exactly what arts festivals ...should be about – uniting people through a love of expression, movement and sound...."

Huxley Press

Newcastle Museum Park
29 Sept - 30 Sept

Join Dancenorth and a horde of local drummers for NOISE, a dynamic and powerful celebration of sound, rhythm, and dance.


  • Standard FREE

    Friday 29 Sept 6:00pm
    Saturday 30 Sept 6:30pm + 8:30pm
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    Newcastle Museum Park View map
NOISE is a work of epic proportions, created by Dancenorth’s Kyle Page and Amber Haines in collaboration with a local percussion community.

Dancenorth joins forces with 100 local volunteer drummers who thump out a scintillating live score in this dynamic community driven performance.

NOISE is a gathering, a united force of percussive energy and powerful dance designed to pull audience members into the present moment, to wholly captivate attention and energy. NOISE is a powerful remedy created to excite a sense of community and togetherness anchored by our primal connection to rhythm.

With up to 100 drums sending sound waves vibrating through the air delivering an aural punch only matched by the power and force of Dancenorth. NOISE is a monumental celebration of sound, rhythm, and dance.

Recommended for all ages.

To register as drummer and make some NOISE, please see here.

20 minutes

Loud sounds from multiple drums being played simultaneously.

Concept, direction and choreography: Amber Haines and Kyle Page
Composition: Costa Hagiaglou
Lighting designer: Jamie Schmidt
Costume design: Andrew Treloar
Performers: Sabine Crompton-Ward, Tiana Lung, Damian Meredith, Darci O’Rourke, Felix Sampson, Michael Smith
Production/tour manager: Liam Kennedy
Touring technician: Yoshie Kenny

NOISE was commissioned and presented by the North Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA) in 2019.
Dancenorth Australia is assisted by both the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts and its arts funding and advisory body, and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Dancenorth Australia is supported by Townsville City Council through their Strategic Partnerships Program.