Music & Robotics workshop : University of Newcastle

Robotics & music workshop by University of Newcastle
Conservatorium of Music
25 Sept

Discover the exciting world of music and robotics at the University of Newcastle's Music and Robotics School Holiday Workshop


  • Standard $85

    Monday 25 Sept 9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Venue

    Conservatorium of Music
Welcome to the University of Newcastle's Music and Robotics School Holiday Workshop! Join us for an exciting one-day program that combines the world of music and robotics in a unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) endeavour.

Designed for middle school-aged students (ages 9 – 14), this workshop offers a hands-on learning experience where creativity, innovation, and teamwork are showcased. Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating connection between music and engineering-thinking, all while having fun and expanding their musical abilities.

In our workshop, students form small collaborative groups led by experienced tutors. Each group has access to a variety of creative tools, including Spheros and iPads, Lego Mindstorms with customisable instrument-playing limbs, and a range of percussion instruments. Students are also encouraged to bring their own instruments if they have them.

Throughout the workshop, students will experiment with their creative toolkit items, exploring the possibilities of combining music and robotics. Each session concludes with a sharing of learning outcomes, allowing students to showcase their progress and exchange ideas with their peers.

The culmination of the workshop is a mesmerising immersive concert presented by the students on the final day. Parents and friends are invited to witness the creativity, innovation, and teamwork demonstrated by the participants. It's a fantastic opportunity for students to shine and celebrate their achievements.

By integrating robots into the music-making process, this workshop not only enriches students' musicianship but also nurtures important skills such as collaboration, community building, communication, content creation, creativity, and making choices of conduct. We believe in providing a unique learning experience that goes beyond traditional music training.

Join us at the University of Newcastle's Music and Robotics School Holiday Workshop and unlock your potential in both music and technology. Expand your horizons, discover new possibilities, and have a blast in this innovative STEAM program.

Recommended for children aged 9-14. 

7 hours with morning tea.

Presented by the University of Newcastle