Shaun Parker & Company : Found Objects | Axle, Hover & Spin

Found Objects | Axle, Hover & Spin

"The charm & pure joy of Found Objects was palpable and engaging. If Shaun Parker and Company are in your neighbourhood, they are a must see."

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Wheeler Place
29 Sept - 01 Oct

An epic outdoor dance theatre work by an exhilarating and bold Australian dance company.


  • Standard FREE
  • Friday 29 Sept 11:00am + 2:00pm
    Saturday 30 Sept 11:00am + 2:00pm
    Sunday 01 Oct 11:00am + 2:00pm
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Found Objects is an epic outdoor dance theatre work utilising everyday objects and five exceptional dance and physical theatre artists. Choreographed by Shaun Parker and set to a stunning orchestral score by composer Nick Wales, (Sydney Symphony, Sydney Dance Company, Sarah Blasko, SBS, ABC), the work creates a highly physical, extraordinary urban world incorporating high-octane contemporary dance, acrobatics, street dance, parkour and seemingly ordinary objects.

Found Objects is made up of three completely wordless, but narratively rich, intergenerational works - AXLE, HOVER & SPIN.

A duet between a parkour performer and a remote-control car featuring a stunning electro-acoustic score by Nick Wales. A dancer is chased, berated and bullied by a seemingly out-of-control remote-control car. Soon, the dancer realises the remote-control car is actually looking for friendship, and a series of epic and acrobatic vignettes ensue.

A 20-minute, outdoor work for five dancers on Hoverboards, choreographed by Shaun Parker. Using breakdance, tutting, popping and locking, Shaun Parker integrates these highly popular dance forms with the humorous and visually compelling trajectories of the hoverboards in an homage to Pop-Groups throughout the ages. A boyband on wheels!

Four friends playing basketball discover new and exciting worlds in an adventure that sees one ordinary basketball become the centre of an imaginative and thrilling adventure.

Free entry, no booking required

Duration 50mins + After each Found Objects performance, there will be a free 20 minute Hip Hop workshop taught by a Shaun Parker & Company dancer. This workshop is accessible for all ages.

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Choreographer Shaun Park
Composer Nick Wales