Aftermath : Australasian Dance Collective

“One of the most compelling performances I have ever witnessed.”

Courier Mail

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    01 October POSTPONED
    02 October 8:30pm


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Set to a searing new score by the acclaimed producer, vocalist and songwriter behind The Kite String Tangle, Danny Harley, Aftermath opens into a haunting world of disquiet, both familiar and unfamiliar. Through a landscape of fragmented memories and imperfect recollection, we slowly piece together the events that have transpired, accelerating towards total recall.

A rousing aural, visual and sensory trip, created by Amy Hollingsworth and Jack Lister, Aftermath is an electric collaboration performed by Australasian Dance Collective to a blistering original score, performed live. Following its sold-out premiere season, the critically acclaimed Aftermath will enthrall Newcastle audiences in an unparalleled rush of live performance.

Co-creators Amy Hollingsworth and Jack Lister
Music Composition Danny Harley
Lighting Design Ben Hughes
Costume Design Alana Sargent

Duration 60 minutes
Dance Music